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Thanks for finding us! Our Group here at Affordable Buildings of Huntsville AL doing exactly what our name implies! We help build affordable buildings all over the United States of America. We get the honor of working with some of the best installers and contractors this great country has to give. As pre fab steel building supplier we get to work with some top notch roofing companies, concrete companies and excavators. We understand that without what they help us do, we would never be able to provide our clients with affordable building solutions to their storage and housing problems!

Don’t be fooled by our humble surroundings and beginnings, we provide some of the most structurally sound and affordable buildings you will find anywhere within the US! Need anymore info check us out here!

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MIchael Hunter has been in the building and trades business for the better part of the past 25 years. As an expert in all things structural, he was a natural fit for our companies estimating and project management division. He also likes to write about our local contracting talent and some talent we work with across the Unites States!

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